Dinner last night.

This is my first post.

This (see above) was dinner last night.


Ingredients (or something like that):

corn, off the cob; chopped garlic; zucchini; asparagus; olive oil; quattro formagio; hazelnuts; linguini; salt and pepper


To begin with, I pan-roasted corn with good olive oil, and after it had slightly browned, I threw in some chopped garlic. While this was all happening, water was being put into a pot, with some salt, and I put the linguini in said pot. After the corn was well roasted, I tossed in chopped zucchini. The reason this zucchini was cut so awkwardly is because it was the size of a child’s baseball bat (the last of the season, no doubt), and I had to cut it that way. Typically I would have just sliced one up. So, I add this to the corn, with some more chopped garlic, seasoning with only salt and pepper lightly along the way (I figure I can always add more later, but can take it away very well once it’s in there). At this point, the linguini is ready to be strained, so I do just that. Then, I turn up the heat in the pan with the zucchini, and toss in the pasta, along with more chopped garlic, and some asparagus, adding a little more olive oil, just to make sure nothing sticks too terribly to the bottom of the pan and to give the pasta a nice coating. I fry the linguini. You want to make sure you give it enough time on the bottom of the pan to really get a good crisp on it. Once I feel that the noodles are achieving the desired texture, I add cheese. I chose a quattro frommagio from Trader Joe’s, and would suggest something comparable to that, if not that exact same thing. I get a good, even cover of delicious cheese on the entire dish, keeping the heat up the entire time (crispy noodles+crispy noodles WITH cheese…I mean…come on). I topped the entire dish with roasted hazelnuts and served.

It was a simple, incredibly cheap, and winter-themed dish that was satisfying and delicious.



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