The other night.


served with brined salt & pepper chicken

Ingredients (or something like that):

Gnocchi (store bought or homemade); heavy cream; port (your choice); sliced mushrooms (your choice); fresh thyme; butter; chicken breast; s & p


I began, first and foremost by brineing the chicken breasts in salt and pepper the morning of the meal (get those suckers nice and moist for later on). Once it’s time for dinner, I throw some butter in a pan with the sliced mushrooms. As most of us know, do not crowd those mushrooms. Let them get nice and brown, then deglaze the pan with some port, enough to deglaze then reduce, creating the beginning of what will be a delicious sauce. At this point, begin cooking your chicken how you choose. I grilled mine on an All-Clad panini press that I place on top of burners on my stove. It makes for easy cooking (not having to run outside for a bbq) that results in great taste.

By now the port and mushrooms have reduced quite a bit. Add a touch more port, along with some heavy cream, chopped thyme, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Let simmer, and add gnocchi directly into the mixture. Keep an eye on your chicken! Flip, tend to, do whatever you need to do! Once the mushrooms and sauce have reached your desired consistency and the gnocchi are perfect, turn off the burner, and plate. Slice chicken and serve over your scrumptious creation! Garnish as you please, thyme, microgreens, toasted walnuts, etc…


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