Friends and Food.

The other night we had friends over for dinner and drinks, and what ended up being a sleepover. Entertaining is probably one of the things I enjoy most, but don’t do very often. So, when I DO give in and invite people over, I usually go “all-out”.

Typically, I like to start things off with drinks and appetizers. STRONG drinks and DELICIOUS appetizers.

White Truffle and Parmesan asparagus wrapped in Puff Pastry. Food doesn’t ALWAYS have to be pretty to taste delicious.

I served the Fancy Cranberry Sauce cocktails. They were spectacular. But, absolutely needed a splash of Simple Syrup. In addition to that yumminess, we had Pear Cinnamon Cider with Bourbon, served over ice. So good.

Moving onto the food. There were three courses.

First, a simple French Onion Soup, done my way. The easiest soup ever created by anyone. Ever.


(Side note: I had made Candied Bacon Butter a couple of month earlier, and gave it away to friends, in my ramicans, so now I have none, except these).

Ingredients (or something like that):

Two sweet yellow onion; one large red onion; fresh rosemary; butter; water; salt and pepper; your favorite croutons; parmesan cheese


I made this for four people and in smaller portions because it was a first course and it was the perfect amount. Melt butter in a sauce pan. Place chopped onions in melted butter, stir, keep on lower heat, and tend to often, so as not to burn. At all. Add a bit of salt and pepper, as well as chopped rosemary. Once the onions are soft, on the edge of caramelizing completely, add water. I’ve found the best way to get the exact amount of water you need, is to measure with the container it’s being served in. So, I did four ramicans of water into the sauce pan. At this point, you can turn the heat up a bit, add salt and pepper to taste. Allow the whole mess to reduce a little, and preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Scoop soup into individual serving containers, top appropriately with your favorite croutons and parmesan cheese, place in oven for about ten-fifteen minutes. Eat and enjoy.

At this point, I’ve got everyone hooked. Excited for whatever is coming next.

So, I go ahead and serve ‘er on up!


This was amazing. I’ve been playing with Brussel Sprouts for about a year now. People tell me they don’t like them, and I set out to prove them wrong. So far, I have succeeded every time.

Ingredients (or something like that):

Brussel Sprouts; bacon; carrots; olive oil; salt; goat cheese


Take four slices of your favorite bacon and chop into little chunks. Cook up and render in medium-high heat frying pan. Once the bacon looks like it’s almost done, throw in halved (or quartered, depending on size) Sprouts. I added a little olive oil right here to ensure nothing stuck to the pan that I didn’t want sticking to the pan. After there is a good browning on the Sprouts, add in carrot ribbons. Create these by using a peeler long-ways down your carrots. I only used one, but if you really like them, use more! Everything should look good and browned and fried and delicious at this point. Turn off the heat, toss crumbled goat cheese in with the rest of it, salt how you like, and enjoy the most delicious way to eat Brussel Sprouts ever.

Now, the last dish was something that I work on for a very long time. I started it the day before. And I forgot to take pictures. Of course. But, it was Slow Cooked Pulled Pork served with Parpardelle Pasta. It was amazingly good. The pork came apart so easy it was ridiculous… too bad I didn’t capture it with my camera. But our stomachs all thanked us!


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