Some of you may have noticed.

I don’t specify much in my posts. I say things like “…now take your mushrooms…” or “…place in the oven for a while…”. There is a reason for the madness.

Typically the things I cook leave room for changes, like different types of mushrooms, or different amounts of Port in a sauce. It’s up to YOU to make it how YOU like. These are just guidelines…

I find that if I discover a recipe/idea in a cooking magazine or in an online blog, that I very rarely actually follow it. I use recipes for inspiration, but maybe I think lemon would be better than lime in something, or I’d rather add more rum…so, I change it.

I don’t have any idea  how much orange you’d like in your cocktail… Only YOU know that. Who knows?! Maybe how much you like will be better than how much I like! But cooking is all about taste, and we all have different opinions on what taste better. Leaving room for changing a shmecipe is what it’s all about after all!

The only time I DO follow recipes is if I’m baking… and most of the time I don’t do that, so, problem solved there.

This whole thing is about exploring the culinary arts. Not following someone else’s idea of what taste good. That’s not to say that when I do make something that’s extra-ordinary and super-duper yummy, I don’t write down what I did immediately afterwards. I do. But, alas, I wasn’t measuring while I was cooking, so, while the idea for the meal is there, next time it may turn out differently, which is OK too.

I don’t know that I’ve EVER cooked the same thing twice. Ever. Life is too short to do such a thing (unless of course it’s something that’s just too good NOT to eat/cook again and again)… but most of the time those things don’t come from me.

So, in conclusion, yes, it may be a bit more complicated that you’d like it too be. Sometimes having someone tell you what to do is a lot easier than thinking of something yourself; but use the shmecipes as guidelines. As inspiration and a way to add your own little flare into the meal that YOU are cooking.


(This was dinner from the other night; I brined the whole chicken for two days in celery, onions, carrots, garlic, and chilis, and obviously salted water; then I slow roasted it. Paul and I both agreed it was the best chicken we’d ever had).


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