Dogs and Pasta.

I love dogs.

I love pasta.

This weekend, I got both.

My Mom and her husband went to the Bay Area to visit friends, and I got THE DOG. She is one of my most favorite animals in the whole world.

Now, in addition to having my wonderful doggie, Chloe, with us, I made a fantastic pasta dish, that is note-worthy.


I know, I know, I’ve GOT to get better at this photography thing… and I’m trying. I’m learning. It’s just complicated.


Ingredients: Fresh Parpardelle Pasta; Asaragus; Heavy cream; Garlic; Sweet yellow onions; Parmesan; Croutons; Salt; Olive oil; Lemon oil


I began by caramelizing my sweet yellow onions with olive oil and large garlic “chunks” on low heat. Low enough to not burn the garlic, but to pan-roast it. Keeping the heat low, about 5 minutes later I added my heavy cream and asparagus. Yes, at the same time. This meal doesn’t take very long, but you want that asparagus flavor to get into what will become your cream sauce.

Get your salted water going and once it’s boiling, drop in your pasta. Keep an eye on it, you do not want it to over cook and be gross. This should take roughly 5-7 minutes.

Continue to stir and watch your cream sauce as it develops. Intertwining with the flavors of the roasted garlic, sweet onions, and asparagus. Not at any point do you want the sauce to be boiling…a soft simmer is good, but almost nothing more.

Strain your noodles and toss with lemon oil. At this point in time, we are about 15 minutes into the game. Keeping the heat on, add noodles to asparagus sauce, toss gently, and season with salt to taste. Turn heat off and plate. Top with sliced parmesan and crouton crunchies (just crunched up croutons).

This meal kind of came out of the blue and was anything but planned, but ended up being a huge success. I went a bit heavy with the garlic, but keeping that heat low is KEY. Burnt garlic is gross, and this turned out perfect. Adding the asparagus in at the same time as the cream really allows those flavors to mingle, and creates a deeper dish than adding them separately; and because the cream sauce does not cook for very long, I found that my asparagus still had that perfect slight crunch to it. Speaking of crunch, adding those crouton (I used the garlic and cheese croutons from Trader Joe’s) crunchies at the end is fun. It makes for great texture, as well as a nice little extra surprise of flavor.


4 thoughts on “Dogs and Pasta.

  1. Amber this sounds incredibly yummy!! I will pass this on to Leah and all who know and love you here in the great white, (well green now,) north!

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