Tequila Lime Party Favors.

Whelp, there’s a big birthday coming up, this weekend in fact.

My Mom’s Husband, Aaron, is turning 50. Now, he’s one of these people that NEEDS to celebrate his birthday ON his birthday. If ya don’t, it doesn’t count, isn’t the same, yada yada.

So, all of his closest friends will be gathered at their house in Carmel Valley for the celebration, and who is there to help, handy-dandy me!

Party favors were needed, and Mom wasn’t coming up with anything, and really, neither was I. But, when I stepped outside last weekend and it was 70+ degrees in January on the beach, I got inspired wanting a Margarita.


Ingredients/necessary items: Lots of limes (twice as many as how many favors you’re doing, Half-pint Ball jars, Tequila, ribbon or twine, or whatever you want to wrap it with, tags (or whatever you want), water and pot for boiling


Begin with your jars. Follow instructions on the package they come in…usually it says to boil the jars and let them cool or something like that; that’s what I did.

Slicing your limes… I made eighths out of mine for perfect little lime slices. Aside from looking cute, this size is good for many reasons. If you want to take one out and use it like you would an unsoaked lime after a shot of Tequila, this is rather efficient (the Tequila is already there!). Also, if you cook with these, it’s a nice squeezing size (would be great with Mexican inspired dishes such as Chicken Tacos or fish dishes).

So, your jars are ready with lids off and to the side and your limes are all sliced up.

I added about a lime and a half to each jar. You want to give them a bit more room than you think because you want each slice to be completely covered in tequila when that time comes…which is now!

I did 12 half-pint Ball jars and used just under a handle of tequila. Gently pour tequila into jars, making sure that the limes are submerged and covered completely, minimizing the air in the containers.

Now it’s time to seal these bad boys. Gently screw on each lid, making them tight but still giving them a little room for more tightening. Get your water simmering shallow enough so that the lids are not under water and can your favors. If you have not done this before, it’s simple. Just get a large pot (in size, not in depth necessarily, at least not for these squat little jars), simmer water, place your jar in the water (as many as you can comfortably fit), and let them bathe in the hot water for about 5 minutes. This will seal the jars and prevent air from getting in/out and making your limes turn brown from oxidizing. Take the jars out of the water, do the final twist on the lid to tighten completely, and let cool.

Once your jars have completely cooled and are all sealed up, wrap them up as you please. I did twine and a tag. Easy easy and very cute.

This Party Favor will be a hit. You can cook with it, or you can simple enjoy having your tequila already mingling with your lime and you can take out a slice and “shoot” it, giving yourself a green smile 🙂


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