Orange, Honey & Rosemary Infused Vodka.


It’s Friday, and that means cocktail time.

With the weather being how it is (sunny, dress-wearing, summerish) I decided on something spritzerish for our cocktail tonight. Although we cannot sit outside and enjoy them in the sunshine (the Mr. doesn’t get home until after dark), we can pretend like we are somewhere warm and tropical and that we are sipping on our delicious, refreshing, and invigorating cocktails. Throw on some Buena Vista Social Club and we’ve got ourselves an evening!


Ingredients: Vodka, very ripe oranges, rosemary, honey


There really isn’t much to this whole thing. It’s just a matter of getting everything together and makin’ it happen.

I decided the weather was soooo nice, that I needed to take advantage of it. So, outside with my cutting board, knife, and other necessities!

Now, there are lots of ways you could go about getting those orange slices out just the way you like ’em. I opted to slice them out… Take a sharp knife and, starting at the top of your orange, slice with the curve of the fruit just under the rind to the bottom. Do this all the way around, on all of your oranges. At this point you can try your darnest to get your slices out in the typical fashion, or, you can slice them out with a knife… Much easier, and you’ll be happy later when you can pop a vodka-soaked slice of orange in your mouth.

Into the Ball Jar with your slices! I used one of the larger jars and 6 oranges.

It’s an orange wasteland.

Now, in with Rosemary. I used about a quarter cup from the HUGE Rosemary plant that’s in my garden. You want it to be as fresh as possible in order to deliver the most flavor possible.

Honey. The honey that I’ve got is the best honey in the world, hands down… But, choose your favorite and I’m sure it’ll be good too (haha). Use about a half of a cup (more if you like sweeter things) and pour it into your jar.

To finish everything off you need the essential ingredient, vodka. I used a less-expensive vodka for this, and I usually do when I’m doing infusions because good vodka is expensive and I’m mixing it with a bunch of stuff so… what’s the point. If I could afford Grey Goose for my infusions, I would use it, but, I can’t, so here we are.

Top everything off with the vodka, leaving a little room at the top so you can give it all a good shake (once the lid is secured) and get those flavors workin’ and get that vodka infused.

Mix with club soda. You don’t want to miss out on all the good flavors you just used by mixing it with Sprite or something. Although, I think Ginger Beer would be delicious (pretty much anything with ginger beer in it is good). If you like your drinks on the sweeter side, add a little simple syrup!

Have a great weekend and enjoy this delicious beverage!


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