counting counting counting

I haven’t posted on here in about two weeks. I know that.


School started and I got a job all within a week. Then, I got called down to Carmel to help my old restaurant with the AT&T Pebble Beach golf tournament.

Needless to say, I haven’t had much spare time. Yes, I’ve cooked lots and lots of food in the last two weeks. Note-worthy meals, but, I was tired and didn’t photograph. Excuses excuses. I know I know.


That’s the reality of the situation.

This week Paul and I are driving up to Chico so that I can help some friends with a party they are throwing (doin’ the appetizers). In addition to this help, we are meeting up with friends to celebrate my 25th birthday. It’s not actually this weekend, but, it’s next week, so, celebrate we will.

Things will get back on track here quickly and pictures and posts will be abundant. Until then, I’m tired and irritable and focusing on that “light at then end of the tunnel”… a two week vacation to Telluride, Colorado at the end of June.

Counting, counting, counting…


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