Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

There seems to be a trend here. A delicious trend at that.

Macaroni and Cheese.

My Mom, bless her heart, started making this delicious concoction from scratch when I was about ten years old. Needless to say, I was hooked from the first time I tried it. I mean, what’s NOT to like? Pasta? Yes please. Cream? Absolutely. Loads of melty, creamy, delicious, CHEESE? Bring. It. On.


with Brussel Sprouts, Prosciutto, and a little bit o’ seasoned Arugula

Ingredients: Pizza dough, noodles, cheeses, heavy cream, prosciutto, b. sprouts, arugula, lemon oil, salt and pepper, olive oil, mustard seeds

We all know the drill here…Gather your ingredients.

These are the noodles I used. If I was going to make this again, I would use something smaller. Once they boil, they get much larger. It wasn’t bad, it’s just, there’s options out there…so why NOT pick something better!

Get those noodles going in a pot of boiling water with some salt.

Once they are done set them aside. I toss them in a bit of olive oil to keep them less-sticky.

While your noodles are boiling, you can get started on your prosciutto with brussel sprouts and mustard seed.

Quarter those sprouts up and chop that proscuitto into small-ish pieces.

Yum. This pile started out a bit bigger… oops.

A bit of mustard seed goes a long way. You don’t need very much, but it is definitely a bonus to the dish…so don’t leave it out.

In a frying pan, saute all these delicious things together until there is browning on the sprouts and the prosciutto is gettin’ nice and crispy.

Don’t forget about your noodles!

Now it’s time to make your cheese sauce… yum.

Gather your selected cheeses. I used Mozzarella, Parmesan, and Pepperjack. Yes, very standard-issue cheeses, they made for a deliciously creamy sauce. BUT, I would suggest adding something with a little punch to it… This was definitely missing that, and since you haven’t made it yet, I’m tellin’ ya, ADD SOMETHING WITH A PUNCH.

Get your cream in a sauce pan until it’s hot then turn the heat down to maintain the temperature and keep it from burning (gross). With a whisk, slowly add your cheese, stirring constantly.

Make sure your sprouts and such aren’t burning.

In a large bowl, combine noodles, brussel sprout mixture, and cheese sauce.

Roll out pizza dough. You can make it, or, you can pick up some up at Trader Joe’s, which is the cheating, easy way to do it if you simply don’t have the time to make some pizza dough.

On a sheet of some sort (it really doesn’t matter, if it did, I’d tell ya so), cover it with foil and spray with non-stick spray.

Pre-heat that oven to 375 degrees.

Top your pizza dough with your mac n cheese creation.

yum city.

After roughly 30 minutes, maybe 40 depending on your oven, your pizza should be ready.

Pull it out and let it rest on a cooling rack. If you don’t use a cooking rack, the bottom will get soggy and gross.

I’m drooling writing this post. Good thing I have left overs.

For dinner I topped it with arugula tossed lightly in lemon oil and salt and pepper.

It was a wise choice. The acidity in the arugula was a perfect compliment to the creaminess of the cheese sauce.

For this post I tried something different. Recently I join the club. The “people with iphones” club; and, I must say, I enjoy my fancy new toy. So, for this post, I took all of my pictures with my phone. It’ll take some work, but, I like it. Fancy things are fun.


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