Curried Chicken, Squash Ribbons, and Grilled Onions

Hey Eaters!

So, I started a diet. Kinda goofy, I know. But, something HAD to happen. I swear I turned 25 and the little bit of metabolism I had, went away. I feel like by the time I’m 50, not only will have not have a metabolism, but it’ll be a NEGATIVE metabolism (meaning, I can only eat like a squirrel, very very very small portions of only veggies and nuts or something ridiculous like that).

Diet it is.

Paleo diet to be more specific. An old friend of mine from high school is a prof. trainer and has the body all us girls want (tone but not that icky body-builder-type look), anyway, she’s hot, I’m not, but, I’d like to be. I asked her for some tips and she pointed me in the direction of the Paleo Diet. So, alas, here I am.

What it hasss forced me to do is get creative in the kitchen. Last nights dinner is a good example of this, not to mention, it was delicious and super healthy.


Ingredients: Chicken breasts, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Fresh Basil, Coconut milk, olive oil, salt and pepper, Yellow onions and coconut oil

This is a very simple shmecipe.

Obtain chicken breasts. I used two rather large ones and there are two of us.

Slice them “hamburger” style in half, place in gallon Ziplock bag along with enough water to submerge the chicken in, some salt, and a handful of curry powder. Do this about two hours before you want to eat them; they can also sit in this brine for as much as a day and it will be fine.

When you’re ready to begin cooking dinner, gather your zucchini and yellow squash. I used two zucchinis and one yellow squash, but you can come up with any combination that you like! Cut them long-ways into ribbons. I used a mandolin, but, if you don’t have one, slicing them with a sharp knife will work just fine too. Blanch ’em (boil water, toss them in for about a minute or two (depending on how cooked you want them), strain them like pasta, and toss ’em in ice water) (or don’t) (they’ll be just fine).

Pan cook your chicken with coconut oil on medium heat until cooked all the way through; flip accordingly.

Gather your yellow onions and slice so that they form onion rings. In a fry pan with a bit of olive oil “grill” onions on medium-high heat until desired texture is achieved (I like mine with a little bit of a crunch still). Set aside until serving time.

While your chicken is cooking, take coconut milk (about half a can or one cup-ish) and put it in a sauce pan over low heat. Squeeze fresh lime directly into it, add a pinch of salt, and freshly chopped basil (add as much as you like).

Combine all ingredients together on a plate and eat up!


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