Broccoli Salad.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: OBVIOUSLY this would be good with bacon added in right at the end and incorporated per serving.

OK. I just NEEDED you to know… I’m thinking of you, BACON.


With THAT out of the way. Let’s talk about how delicious this is; and healthy, and easy, and just darn-right great.

talk talk talk.


Ingredients: Broccoli, salted roasted sunflower seeds, plain goat cheese, one red onion, fresh white corn, salt, olive oil or coconut oil

Gather your ingredients.

Chop your broccoli into bite-size pieces or smaller.

Steam your broc, keeping it slightly crunchy. Yum.

Broccoli Forest.

Thinly slice half of a red onion. If you’re a big fan, obviously adding more is up to you. But I used half of a relatively small one.

Caramelize with coconut oil or olive oil. Again, your choice. I did coconut oil… I thought that the richness of it would add something nice to the dish, which, it does. But if you don’t like it or are allergic, olive oil is fine.

The onions soften pretty fast because they are sliced so thin, so keep the heat low and keep your eye on them.

Make yourself a Gin and Ginger.

Or pour yourself a glass of wine. Whatever toots your horn.

Retrieve your steamed corn and cut it off the cob.

At this moment in this process you should have your broccoli set aside, your eyes on your almost-done onions, your corn steamed and cut off the cob, and a drink in your hand.

Your handy-dandy sunflower seeds should be just that… handy.

In a large mixing bowl, combine ingredients and crumble in your goat cheese.

Salt to taste and chill, until, well, chilled.

Taste-test to make sure it’s not deadly to the people you’re serving it to.

Eat and Enjoy .


A Delightful Summer Pasta

It’s Summer!

Summer to me equates to fresh vegetables. Which I love.

The husband loves them too. Just not as much as he loves pasta.

So. Let’s make everyone happy. Load up some delicious pasta with some delicious fresh summer veggies.


Ingredients: Fresh pasta of your choice (I used Linguini), olive oil, salt, Parmesan cheese, lots of veggies! I used orange bell peppers, purple asparagus,  mushrooms, yellow onions, corn, peas, and fresh basil

Gather your ingredients and chop accordingly. Rough chops are fine 🙂

In a rather large pan, begin sauteing your onions with a pinch of salt.

A rough julienne chop on your basil is fine 🙂 For me, more basil is better… yummy.

The same goes for your bell pepper… although I was a little more precise. I find it cooks better and looks nicer if it’s even and pretty.

Having things prepped and ready to go helps later down the line. When all of a sudden your water is boiling, you need to add the pasta, stir your veggies, and chop something, all at the same time… you’ll discover it’s helpful to have things that you can prepare ahead of time done and ready when you need them.

Finding purple asparagus was fun. It looks so pretty when it’s added to dishes… especially when mixed with something bright.

Add your veggies to your onions and incorporate. Begin boiling your water for your pasta with a pinch of salt.

For this dish, it’s alright to add all your vegetables at the same time because the amount of time they will spend in the pan is minimal, and will result in them coming out just fine. I promise. Just keep your heat on medium-low and stir occasionally.

Add your pasta to the water and cook normally. Strain then add to vegetable mixture, incorporate gently and add basil and a pinch of salt to your liking.

With everything in the pan, add your cheese and stir. At this point you can turn the heat off and get some bowls 🙂

Eat and enjoy.

A Whiskey Refresher.



Ingredients: Whiskey (I used Pendleton), fresh mint, fresh lemon juice, tonic water, the tiniest bit of simple syrup

Sometimes, ya just need a mid-week cocktail in the sun. This one is perfect for just that.


1. Get your cocktail shaker, toss some fresh mint leaves in, squeeze in a bit of fresh lemon juice, and muddle

2. Add desired amount of Whiskey 🙂 followed by some ice and a little bit of simple syrup

3. Shake shake shake

4. Pour over ice into cute little cocktail cups, leaving room at the top of the glass for a bit of tonic water

4. Add said tonic water and stir

5. Garnish with a cute little lemon slice and couple mint leaves. Thoroughly enjoy.