After The Kill

Not a bad day to roast a pig Hawaiian style in the sand on the beaches of Carmel, California.

This is just what we did. Although, I can’t take credit for the arduous process of creating the coals (and enough of them), digging the hole, and burying the pig. I CAN however take credit for pig-sitting duty with my dear friend Maya and drinking wine out of my Klean Kanteen while our little friend slow-cooked in the ground.

Wrapped in leaves, stuffed with things like pumpkin, pineapple, and potatoes, we unearthed the piggy after roughly 8-9 hours in the ground.

After we took it out, the butchering began. It was an interesting process because the pig was already cooked and ready to eat. So, cut or break of a limb or a piece of something, and eat it.

I’m a pig… but, I already know that so… nothing new! Maya seems to enjoy it though šŸ˜‰

I can say with confidence that this whole process has been/is one of, the better experiences of my life. Not only is it food-related (already scoring points), but watching and partaking in the process of killing something you are going to eat, literally from farm to table (or paper plate in our case), is something that I value tremendously. I hope that I will have more opportunities like this one, and encourage anyone who has the chance to participate in something so tasty, to do so.



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