A visit to Prevedelli Farm.

One of the many things I love about my new job is the opportunity it has given me to do things like visit an apple farm on my day off.

While this post may be a bit late in getting posted, I could not pass up the opportunity to share with you how grateful I am and how privileged I feel to have been able to visit the Prevedelli Farm in Watsonville.

Turning off of Highway 1 and into the farm country of the Watsonville hills is a sight in itself, but if you keep going, turning here and there, delving deeper and deeper through raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry fields, past apple orchards and pear orchards, you begin to feel yourself unwind a bit.

Prevedelli Farms is no exception. Following one of these meandering roads, I turned off and made my way past an old farm house, arriving at the farms. I was welcomed warmly by Nick, who I buy weekly from at the Monterey Farmers’ Market for Sierra Mar.

We began our little walk-about through his family’s orchards, all the while Nick grabbing numerous varieties of apples off trees here and there, insisting that I take them, or eat them as we walked. I obliged happily, walking, eating and listening.

“This one is super sweet and perfect for cooking with”.

“This apple is tart and one of my favorite varieties”.

Phrases enthusiastically cast from my hosts’  mouth as we chatted and I learned about apples in the cold, misty air of the morning.

In addition to the incredible amount of different varieties of apples on the farm, the Prevedelli’s also have an abundance of other tasty treats. Blackberries the size of my thumb litter the property, along with sections of pears, including my favorite, Asian Pears, which, on this farm, happen to be giant.

While I can’t remember (try as I might) all the varieties of apples that we discussed, I CAN remember what an amazing treat it was to get to tour this incredible farm, and how generous our hosts were. It was a reminder of why we at Sierra Mar buy from people like Nick and his family, and it makes us proud and happy to support local farmers such as the Prevedellis.

Thank you to Nick and everyone at Prevedelli Farms.