Where have I been?



Distracted. Busy. Life. Working my butt off.

All of the above.

I know I have not posted anything in quiet some time. Truth be told, it’s been nice to not have ONE MORE THING on my plate. The last couple months have been a blur. I moved and had my car vandalized in the same week. I got promoted and Paul and I both got raises in the same week. My hours changed at work, so I’m having the insane luxury of seeing the Big Sur sunrise every morning on my drive from Monterey down Highway 1 to work at Sierra Mar.


I had a Lunch Special at work, and, to me, it was a big deal. Most likely not to others, but to me, it was “special”, and very tasty.

Scallop Special

Pan Seared Scallops with Snap Peas and Fried Trumped Mushrooms, served table-side with a Ginger-Lime Miso Soup.

I was going on foraging adventures gathering local edible flowers to garnish our amazing food at Sierra Mar with.

foraged flowers

I did a dinner at Joseph Phelps Vineyards in Napa. It was an amazing experience and the setting was nothing less than spectacular.



So. I’ve been busy. Spending limited time on my computer and concentrating on work and eating and sleeping. I know it’s not an excuse for not blogging, and I will try and be better at it in the future, documenting my adventures instead of letting them collect and then dumping all of them on you at once. Although I am sharing some of them with you now, this is only a small amount of the things I have been up to. I will begin documenting them more responsibly from now on 🙂

pop up


For instance, I have another Pop-up dinner coming up in June, and you will all be getting a first hand account of how it goes and what I will be serving.


That’s all for now though.


One thought on “Where have I been?

  1. Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed all this!!!!!!! Do it again. Betty & Dave, Brandy, Becky & Gary , and Bob will be here tomorrowfor a birthday get together (Betty’s, Brandy’s. and Bob’s.) They will reallyenjoy what you sent! Becky just looked at it and said “oh boy!” Glad you’re busy and with things you obviously enjoy. What is Paul up to? Glad to hear from you–do it more often. Also loved the pictures–whata beautiful place. Love, Grandma G. Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2013 23:19:57 +0000 To: griffnel@hotmail.com

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