It seems as though every time I post on this blog, it starts with an excuse about why I HAVEN’T been posting. 

Not wanting to break tradition, but having a better excuse than usual, I’ll start with exactly that: my excuse/reason. 

Paul and I are happy to announce that we are expecting a little girl at the end of September!!! We are MORE than excited and so incredibly happy to start this part of our lives. 

ImageThis is her at 13 weeks, already adorable. 

Soooo we are gearing up for our little arrival and I wanted to have a place to share with friends and family. I then quickly realized I already HAVE a place to do that, I just need to utilize it. So, this blog of mine will now include updates about the bun in my oven! 


This is her at 18 weeks sucking her thumb… she’s perfect. 

We are anxiously awaiting our next doctors appointment and hoping that we get another peak at our little one. The ultrasounds are fun, getting to see her wiggle and kick… there really is nothing better. Speaking of kicking, not only am I feeling her, but Paul can now feel her too with his hand on my belly. The look on his face when he first felt her was nothing less than priceless. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to feel this much affection for someone who we haven’t even met yet. 

According to the calendar, only 18 weeks and 2 days left!