Big Changes.

I’m not sure how to start this since I just typed a whole bunch and it all went away mysteriously.

Here we go.

The last post was from just over a year ago. I’ve taken a break from the blog to focus on more important things. Most important, our little daughter, Grace.

I wont bore you (whoever you are), with the boring details of the last year, however I will summarize it all with a couple descriptive words: 33 weeks, NICU, moving, moving again, MRI, baby spinal surgery, Stanford, breathe.

We are here now, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Paul accepted a job at Los Alamos National Lab, and off we went.

I cannot say I am taken with this city, however, I have not spent much time here. The culture that literally envelopes the city and its people is intriguing to say the least. The Native American culture is everywhere and could not be more opposite from the Monterey, California that I am used to. I’m welcoming the change with wide eyes and open arms, not sure what to expect.

With the move there have been unexpected changes. I craved moving out of Monterey so badly that the only perspective I had was my own. Others did little to offer more than a minor comment here or there about why a move might not be necessary, but nothing stuck. Now that I am here, removed from my homeland of California, I am seeing the new value in family and friends. Although I feel I have never taken them for granted, I may have taken their proximity to me for granted. In most other cultures, when people have babies they move closer to their family, not further away. I am seeing now just how valuable these relationships are, and am unsure of my decision to move.

In the meantime, I am focusing on finding the best food, most beautiful landscape, and am stacking my days with fun for the baby.

Staying productive, focusing on the future, and moving forward is what’s on my calendar.